The Jerome women’s MTM line offers exceptional quality and contemporary designs. All garments are constructed with precision using modern manufacturing technology and tailoring techniques.

Our garments always start with the best inner materials to create the finest end product. Our construction and designs cater for both fashion and business styles, enabling your business to build a market leading brand.

Our women’s MTM measuring system shares the same DNA as our men’s MTM program, making it easy for retailers to adopt both systems without an additional steep technical learning curve. Jerome provides the pathway for businesses looking to add a women’s product range, or those that want to create a totally separate brand.


Our jackets are elegantly form fitting but still flexible. Built on a modern European cut, the pattern has a slim shoulder depth, high armhole and shaped waistline.

Enquire for our full list of jacket design features. Some of our many features include:

• Unconstructed make
• Varying closures, buttonholes, AMF stitching, and pocket designs
• Naturally padded, soft padded, and roped shoulder structures
• Many lapel shapes and sizing variations


Slim or wide-cut pant styles are made easy from a pattern with an adaptable balanced leg width.

Enquire for our full list of trouser design features. Some of our many features include:

• Varying closures, AMF stitching, and front & back pocket designs
• Wide waistband options, including side fastening and elastic closures
• Elasticised bottom, cuff, and plain hem designs


With a focus on women’s business attire, our modern skirt pattern is flexible, allowing extension of both length and width for a slim-line or relaxed cut.

Enquire for our full list of skirt design features. Some of our many features include:

• Varying waistband closures and styles
• Vent alternatives